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1. Lonely
2. Blue Eyes
3. Unworldly Beauty
4. Bubblegum On My Boots
5. Little
6. Genie
7. Giant Love Affair
8. Managing Mula
9. Baby Murdered Me
10. Smiley Skull Of Faith
11. J59
12. I Love You
13. Horizontal Landscape
14. Dimmer
15. Shot
16. Supergirl
17. X

Sony have released the Springbok Nude Girls’ swan song album, ‘The Fat
Lady Sings’, an 18-track compilation of the band’s best, favourite, most
adored, and unforgettable songs from the six hectic years of their
glittering career. Sixteen of these songs have appeared before on the
various albums and EPs, but two of these (the farewell single ‘J59’ and
the pounding, sentimental ‘Dimmer’) are brand new Theo Crouse/Arno
Carstens’ compositions. These two previously-unreleased songs were added to
this collection as a bonus, and also possibly as a signpost to where the
band’s guitarist and vocalist are heading, as they attempt to find a new
musical path, still under the Sony banner.

The 16 other tracks however, prove beyond all doubt that this band had
it all. The look, the unique sound, the blistering energy, and the best
collection of solid gold rock songs by any SA band since... well, since
no-one. Like triumphant, returning heroes, the band and these songs
deserve a ticker-tape parade down the main streets of Stellenbosch in an
open-top Kombi, and it will be a long time until another SA band can
achieve their dominance and match their consistent quality.

The album’s cover is classic and effective, with its colourful tribute
to those Springbok Hits cover version LPs that were the source of the
band’s name. The song selection is spot on with no controversial
omissions. All the hits, favourites, and better B-sides are included.
It’s a fitting finale to a great band that may not have achieved all
they believed they could, but must surely be very content with where
they landed up. Goddank vir die Nude Girls’ se klank!

Every (SA rock-loving) home should have one! (SS)

Springbok Nude Girls -- Relaxor

There will be a new Springbok Nude Girls album this year, the follow-up to 1999's 'Surpass The Powers' album. The new album will be titled 'Relaxzor' and the 15 tracks are: Stronger, Smiley Skull of Faith, Complete Surrender, Fist or The Fun, Hard Dust, Out of My Mind, Love Provider, Unworldly Beauty, Speed Machine, From War to War, Apollo, Food for the Demon, Schmetal, Overdrive, Crystal Clear. These 15 tracks were all produced by Springbok Nude Girls and mixed by Kevin Shirley (Black Crowes, Silverchair, Aerosmith, Iron Maiden, Big Sky, etc) at the Hit Factory, NYC.

The Springbok Nude Girls will be touring in December to promote this new album so keep checking out the website for future plans/ gigs.

After performing at Nelson Mandela's Birthday Concert in 1999 the Springbok Nude Girls' song 'I Love You' will be on a compilation put together by former South African President, Nelson Mandela which will be released internationally with all proceeds going to The Nelson Mandela Children's Fund. Other top South African artists on the CD include Sibongile Khumalo, Hugh Masekela, M'du, Bongo Maffin, Tananas, Jonas Gwangwa, Don Laka etc.

Springbok Nude Girls on the net:


You may well ask what's the point of reviewing a Springbok Nude Girl CD as
everyone has heard of them and heard them, after all they were the biggest
SA group of the nineties. Okay so there is that, but hey if we can't
occasionally revel in some of the best hardcore rock every to emanate from
the country then what's the point.

The SNG's did not make straightforward hard rock grunge. Yes it does form
the foundation of the sound, but there are some sounds here that on their
own are not unusual, but do make strange bedfellows alongside the
thundering guitars and crashing drums. The one that sticks out the most for
me is the trumpet of Adriaan Brand, most prominent on the horn powered 'I
Love You' which is one of the stand out tracks on the album. It also
features some neat hammond organ sounds.

Also of note is Arno Carstens vocals. Often delivered at breakneck speed
and usually indecipherable, they play a really important role in defining
the SNG's sound. There's an edge and at times a venom in them that kidnaps
the listener's attention, only returning it as a nervous wreck a god whole
after the last notes of the final track 'Kill the World' have faded.

Despite all this the primary reason for 'Surpass the Powers' being in any
self respecting rock fans collection is the sublimely beautiful 'Blue
Eyes'. From it's delicate guitar intro through the spine tingling refrain
of 'round about round about round about now' to the soaring vocals of the
chorus and the clashing guitars, this is rock perfection. It's no surprise
that this was voted one of the all time favourite SA songs in the SA Rock
Digest/Amuzine end of the century big vote in 1999.

I've always wondered where the Springbok Nude Girls would wear the green
and gold, but I guess one has to allow some poetic licence as the Springbok
Semi Naked Girls or Springbok Topless Girls don't quite have the same ring
to them. No matter what they do or don't wear, the SNG's will always be
remembered as one of the biggest SA bands of all time. A band that coulda
and shoulda made it on the international stage. All we have left now are
the CD's and the memories, and in my opinion, this is the best of their CD

Read http://www.cd.co.za/legends/90s/springbok_nude_girls.html
Buy http://www.oneworld.co.za/index.cfm?bec=4321&searchfor=springbok%20nude


September 1994 - Crous, Carstens, Kruger, and Blumer form the Springbok Nude Girls. Play their first gig at a local venue in Stellenbosch, successfully drawing and entertaining a full house.
June 1995 -
Grahamstown Arts Festival. Draw considerable attention from the country's music critics. Described as a musical highlight and one of the most promising bands in the country.
August 1995
- Release Neanderthal 1, an independently produced CD on their own label. The ten-track CD, recorded in three days, enjoys extensive radio play. Includes the hit singles "Bubblegum On My Boots", "Stay", "Managing Mula", "I Am Your Friend " and "I Know What I Want". The latter reaches number 1 on Barney Simon's 5FM Modern Rock Charts.
Dec 95 /Jan 96 -
The Martell "Goddank vir Klank" Tour. "In live performances, Springbok Nude Girls reek of sexiness, an erotic effluvium of raw power and edgy madness." (Student Life, February 1996)
Feb/Mar 1996 -
The Missing Fling Tour.
March 1996 -
The River Club Bandslam. Observatory, Cape Town. Join four of SA's top rock bands for a concert sponsored by Benson and Hedges. Introduced by 5FM's Barney Simon as "the most wanted band in this country".
April 1996 -
The Third Tour. Includes a performance at Rustlers Valley.
May 1996 -
Release an "official bootleg" cassette compilation. Live recordings from the River Club Bandslam and The Missing Fling Tour.
1 June 1996 -
Sign to Epic (Sony Music Entertainment South Africa).
June 1996 -
Join the National Benson and Hedges Bandslam Tour. A result of the success of the River Club Bandslam. The tour takes in six major cities and reaches 10 000 people.
July 1996 -
Grahamstown Arts Festival. Multimedia Concert. "Nude Girls steal the show." (Cue Magazine, the official festival newspaper. July 1996)
August 1996 -
Oppikoppi Festival of Rock. North Western Transvaal. Played with 40 other invited bands. "...hulle was die sensasie van die fees"("..they were the sensation of the festival"). (Beeld, 12 July 1996)
Sept / Oct 1996 -
The Tense tour. A sell-out, turned people away at the Roxy Rhythm Bar in Melville, Johannesburg.
26 October 1996 -
5FM Birthday Bash at Kyalami. Perform with, amongst others, Tracy Chapman, The Mission, The Spindoctors, Youssou N'Dour, Johnny Clegg and QCumba Zoo.
November 1996 -
Release It Became A Weapon, a five track EP. Featuring the number 1 single, "Genie". "NUDE GIRLS PUT THE RIFF IN TER-RIFF-IC.. The band have embarked on a daring path that pushes the boundaries." (Sunday Times, 24 November 1996)
December 1996 -
The Virgin Rights Tour. Taking in fourteen venues along the Southeast coast between Cape Town and Durban (Nov/Dec 1996/ Jan 1997
2 February 1997 -
Number 1 on the Top 40. Genie Reaches number 1 on the 5FM/Coca Cola Top 40 Charts
February 1997
- The Torque Tour. Play 8 venues nationwide, including the Wingerdstok Music Festival in Stellenbosch on 22 February 1997.
March 1997 -
Release be-vest@iafrica.com, a five track EP. Featuring the single "I Love You". Play Kaktus op die Vlaktes (music festival of the Klein Karoo Arts Festival) with, amongst others, Miriam Makeba, Battery 9, Johannes Kerkorrel and Juluka. March 1997.
26 April 1997 -
Receive FNB SAMA Award: Best Rock Performance 1996 for It Became A Weapon.
April/May 1997 -
Tour Gauteng and Namibia.
May 1997 -
Release AFTERLIFESATISFACTION, an 18 track album. Including the singles "Genie" and "I Love You". CD launch comprising a multimedia concert on 27 May 1997. "This is one of the most important albums of the year and its effects will be felt for generations to come". (The Star, 2 June 1997).
May/June 1997
- Nationwide tour with INXS. "INXS kindly agree to close for the Springbok Nude Girls." (The Big Picture, May 1997).
August 1997 -
The Acoustic Nightmare Tour. Sold Out.
September 1997 -
The Ghosted Tour. Sold Out.
October 1997 -
Tour to England
Nov/Dec 1997
- Tour to Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. Includes AIDS Awareness Concert in Milnerton, Cape Town.
February 1998
- OMNISOFA Tour. 12 gigs nationwide. Precedes release of 5 track EP Omnisofa. Tour includes a gig in Pretoria attended by an audience of 16 000.
25 July 1998
- Played "Gift To the Nation", the Birthday Bash for Nelson Mandela, held at the Johannesburg stadium before an audience of 40 000. Overseas acts included Skunk Ananasie, Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, Selif Keita, and Ismael Lo.Other local acts were : TKZEE, Abashante, Bongo Mafin and Skeem.
August 1998 -
Pukkelpop Festival, Belgium. Also appearing : Portishead, The Specials, Beastie Boys, PJ Harvey and others
September 1998 -
Play one gig in London at the Walkabout Inn, Shepherd's
16 Nov 1998 -
Launch "Opti Mum", a 5 track EP and a video consisting of footage gathered on tour, during live performances and in recording studios over the last four years. Also includes 6 videos, 4 of which were previously unreleased.
13 February 1999
- Play WOMAD Festival. Other acts include Hothouse Flowers, Baaba Maal, Drummers of Burundi and Ghostland.
Feb/March 1999 -
NAVIGATOR Tour. 9 gigs nationwide.

March / April 1999 -
Record new album with producer Kevin Shirley at Bop Studios.

July 1999
- Release of new album "SURPASS THE POWERS".
November 1999 -
Springbok Nude Girls travel to Hamburg, Germany on a promotional trip for Sony Music Germany, to launch the release of SURPASS THE POWERS in Europe. For 4 days the band undergo a substantial promotional schedule, doing interviews with German press, and phoner interviews with press from the other European territories that have committed to release SURPASS THE POWERS through Epic Records. ( Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic)
!8 November 1999
- 18 November 1999: Springbok Nude Girls support Sevendust (US hardcore band and fellow Epic stablemate) at the venue Grunspan located in Hamburg, Germany. The gig is a showcase displaying both bands to German media and promoters.
December 1999 Rolling Stone Germany release "New Voices 32" as a value added CD compilation on their December 1999 issue and include the track "Shot" from SURPASS THE POWERS on the album. The compilation also features Korn, L7, Chuck Prophet and Folk Implosion.
March 2000 - Play three dates with Lenny Kravitz, The Cult, Goo Goo Dolls and Fetish, as part of Peter Stuyvesant Music Spectacular, taking in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.
30 March 2000 - South African Music Awards 2000 - Springbok Nude Girls win ROCK ALBUM OF THE YEAR for "Surpass the Powers". The award is accepted by manager Franie Kotze and Sony Music S.A.'s Paul Thackwray as the nudegirls are in Oudtshoorn for "Kaktus op die vlaktes".